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      Vinola, the pioneering brand of built in kitchen products, with its 9510 model Cupola Furnace Product received  the Bronze Design Award in the A ‘Design Award Competition’s award ceremony held in Italy''s Como on the 14th April 2013.

       The A’ Design Award & Competition organized by BEDA “The Bureau of European Design associations” in which 24 European countries are members and its headquarters is in Brussels, is aiming to create a new maintainable evaluation system that will support the innovation and design power within the European Union to be more recognised and to improve and it is aiming to carry the design power of Europe to masses and global markets.


      The competition which was held for the first time in 2010 was aiming to emphasize the perfect qualities of design oriented products and Design concepts around the world chose the best designs in 80 different categories such as Architecture – Interior design – Graphic design - Industrial design – Animation – Fashion.


      The Vinola cupola furnace designed by Ahmet Yalçinkaya received the Bronze design award in the Home Design Application Category.

      The Vinola 9510 model cupola furnace which was produced with the latest technology, is gaining appreciation with its different features and its practical and durable quality. It is also sensitive with its 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly content... Create a chic kitchen with this cupola furnace bringing together the durability of the past and the modern lines of the future. 

      For more information, visit www.vinola.com, discover a new world for your kitchen...

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